Food Pantry

Our Mission
The Holy Spirit Outreach Ministry works to provide for the fundamental needs of the poor in the city of Newport and in the surrounding communities of Campbell County, by helping them with basic food and financial assistance for rent and utilities. These services are provided in a Christian environment so that this assistance will reflect the Christian spirit at work in the community.

Our Services
The Holy Spirit Outreach Ministry offers many services to those in need. Those services include:
  • Basic food assistance to those in need, year-round. We distribute food to over 3,500 families, of all sizes, per year, allowing them to have a complete and nutritious meal. Distributed food includes items from all food groups and usually includes canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, fruit juice, pasta, and a protein source such as meat or cheese.
  • Christmas Dinner bags are given out during the holiday season and contain special items that allow families to have a nutritious and satisfying Christmas Dinner. Items included are potatoes, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, green beans or corn, and cake mix/frosting. These bags are only distributed around Christmas time and are limited to one bag per family.
  • Homeless kits are available and they contain the essentials for those living outside. Their contents can vary based on the season but will contain items such as a backpack, razor, soap and other personal hygiene products, sanitary wipes, a plastic food container, and a blanket, among other things.
  • School supply kits are also available to students in both primary and secondary school. They contain crucial items for learning based on their age group. Both groups receive pencils, paper, folders, erasers, and scissors. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and these kits are a way to do that.
  • Financial assistance for unpaid bills is also available to families in need. We can provide a check to the recipient for the amount that is past due for services such as utilities, sanitation, and rent.
  • Cleaning supplies are available to clients as well and they allow families to provide a clean and safe home environment that they may not be able to other wise. Some items include glass cleaner, bathroom/kitchen cleaner, hand soap, and toilet paper/paper towels.   

Our shelves of food inside the food pantry at the Holy Spirit Outreach Ministry

Cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products available

A typical Christmas Dinner bag and its contents, as given out Christmas 2014

A typical homeless kit and its contents, as given out during 2014

Our financial assitance policy